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Friday, September 25, 2009

Testing Post

This is what a caption looks like! Really>

Really? I would have never thought that this was a post. What is a post? Is a post a post still if no one reads it? Only if you drink Coke Zero at the time of posting.  So, let's post a picture with the post and therefor round it out.

Hey, I know, can we try a blockquote? What is a blockquote. You know! You throw a block around a quote. Viola'! Blockquote. That is really the most obvious naming of an object ever. Certainly much better than a football.

Now we aren't in the blockquote anymore. Can we see what a BOLD statment looks like. Sure... this is a bold statement. Is it readable? Of course. I did it. What about a link? Can you read that?

This is a link. Is it readable? Of course. I did it.